Purva Phalghuni-the fruit of the tree

Moon in Purva

“The flame of the forest”

Today the Moon resides in the 11th lunar house of Purva Phalghuni. The name means “fruit of the tree” and as you might guess there is a lot of creative potential packed into this two star Nakshatra near the tail of Leo.

Ruled by Venus, star of beauty, love, comfort, discernment, and representative of the feminine in marriage and sexuality, Purva Phalghuni like a legendary empress, queen, or powerful temptress invites rest, relaxation, and recuperation. However, the powerful drives of procreation do not make this placement good for healing.

The shakti (power) of Prajanana resides here, uniting male and female energies to create the fetus. In the royal chamber, this action leads to securing lines of inheritance,stimulating all forms of creative activity in the arts—sexual fire and the inspiration of the muse often are one and the same—and this shakti draws in the creativity evoked by the mating of opposites.

The dark or shadowy side of Purva Phalghuni is a place where narcissistic and addictive tendencies are found. Because the procreative energy has evolved as the basis of survival for all species, frustrations in this area, if the person involved doesn’t find healthy outlets, can lead to the arousal of the less desirable traits.

The symbol of the swinging hammock combined with the element of water and the life goal of kama (experiencing sensory pleasure) points toward the healthy habit of taking a break from the overstimulation of large gatherings, pursuit of material possessions, and overloading the nervous system with the sights and sounds of the holiday season that bombard one from every direction.

It’s Saturday, time for a nap, a cool or warm drink, and a cuddly companion, good book, relaxing music, or maybe a massage treatment. Allowing the body to rest and recover will generate the ability to better control your creative passions toward positive ends, making life a flow of achievement born from the strongest forces in our unified nature.

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