Move With Traffic

Moon Journaling January 10, 2022

The Moon is waxing gibbous, 59.8% illuminated and getting brighter. 8 days past new moon marks the beginning of the “green light” phase for activities related to growth and movement.

To fine tune this a bit, think of the Moon as a traffic signal for both vehicles and pedestrians. The vehicles represent major energy sources such as Sun, Moon, planets, seasons, elements (fire, earth, air, water, ether). We are the pedestrians trying to navigate the landscape safely and successfully.

The day after 1st Quarter marks the “Walk” phase, where you look both ways and step away from the curb, walking with the traffic. Watch out for those right-turning drivers on their cell phones and the opposing left turners who want to engage you in a game of dodge’em!

Moon is at the start of its Nakshatra cycle today, Mars-ruled Aries and Ketu-ruled Ashwini. It is a very auspicious placement for new beginnings. Plans that have been forming for months may suddenly fall into place, or your taking a single action may set off a wave of increasingly powerful effects.

With about the same risks as surfing (for a competent novice) riding that wave can bring about rapid change and healing.

My Moon Journal Note: Today I feel exhilarated!

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